Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well, the holiday is all but over for me and mine.  We "do" presents on Christmas Eve and then Christmas day will be one of rest.  Both of my kids really enjoyed our Christmas Eve day and my daughter proclaimed it, "the best Christmas ever," so that is a win in my book!
I have a funny story to share.  You all know that we have a lot of pets.  Well, we have three dogs (small, medium, and large ~ the whole set!)  They, like most dogs, love their toys.  But "dog" toys can be rather expensive and I'm not spending a ton of money on toys for dogs.  So sometimes what I will do is go to our local goodwill type of store and purchase stuffed animals ~ they are usually only about .10-.25 a piece there.  The dogs don't know they aren't "new" or that they aren't "dog" toys.  So I end up with happy dogs and hardly any money spent. 
But here's the weird thing.  Before I get any toys for the canines, I never say anything about new toys or toys for the dogs or anything like that.  (Because believe me, three sets of ears perk right up at the sound of the words, "new toys.")  But...every single time I have a bag with toys for the doggies in it - they know it!  I don't know how, but I walk in the door and here they come running and falling and tripping over their own feet to get to me and that bag.   No on in my family can figure out how they know when I have new toys for them....but they obviously know.  So a few weeks ago I had managed to get one new toy for each one of them for Christmas and smuggle it into the house without them seeing.  Today when we sat down to do Christmas presents we decided to start with the doggies.  And, true to form, as soon as I pulled out the bag with the dog toys in it ~ their collective hive mind knew instantly ~ MOM HAS NEW TOYS FOR US!!!!!! 
Don't believe me?  Check out this face ~~~~~ that's her, "Gimme, gimme, gimme the toy," look.  (As one of her others sits right there next to her foot.  But that's not the new toy mom, c'mon.....)
This is Patsy.  Half red heeler, half basset hound.  Rescued from a no kill (thank goodness) shelter many years ago.  She had been adopted out before and returned...because she barked.  Yes, they wanted a dog that didn't bark.  The agency couldn't place her because everyone wanted the cute little puppies and Patsy was big is truly shaped rather funny.  Heeler body, Basset legs and mindset.  But she is the best behaved, most eager to please dog we have ever owned.  Truly the heart of an angel.  She's a little four legged blessing.
So they got their toys and happiness very quickly reigned.  We had a lovely day and I had a wonderful afternoon nap.  I really could not have asked for a better day.  Christmas will be restful and I'm planning on cooking up a ham dinner.  :0)
Our Christmas trees ~
This one seems to be everyone's favorite.  My daughter and I put together the theme for it ~ red, white, silver, and Santa's hat on top! 

This is tree #2.  It has a more rustic theme to it ~ quite by accident, lol.  But it works.  The village houses and glass tree next to it were my mother's.  They are all older than me.  The tree does light up bit it is so very old and putting the "new" kind of light bulbs in it makes me nervous, so I decided not to chance it and just not light that up this year.

My wish for you ~ Hope, Joy, and Peace.
Merry Christmas!!!!



Bible Babe said...

Merry Christmas, Miz V--Love the trees, very pretty. We also have canines who love their toys, and it's hilarious to watch when my smallest one runs through the house, carrying a stuffed pig that is almost her size. My son got to open his new stereo last night, and we set it up. He's thrilled. I'm up early and the house is quiet. In a while I will start to make the marinade for puerco pibil, the slow roasted pork we all love. I may make pancakes and bacon for the guys. Quiet day ahead.

Deanna said...

Happy New Year!
May this year to come be a blessed one,