Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like....Christmas?

I am going to explain how I have come to approach the decorating and festivities that come along with the Christmas Season.  I know that many will not agree with me ~ and that's ok!  I don't come at things from the angle of thinking everyone has to do things the way I do them ~ or even agree with me for that matter ~ and I tend to give others the benefit of the doubt that they also don't think that their way is the only way.  Life is just a lot easier and more pleasant like that.
(My Thanksgiving china.)
Until just a couple of years ago, I was a die hard "let Thanksgiving have it's day before ringing in Christmas" kind of gal.  I would have never dreamed of decorating for Christmas before the day after Thanksgiving.  I don't really know what it is about Thanksgiving, but I love it.  I'll even go as far as to say that I enjoy it more than Christmas.  So in short, Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal to me.  That's why I never wanted it to be overshadowed by Christmas.  I mean, let's face it.  In the stores Christmas items are promptly put out the day after Halloween.  I remember one year when I was a young wife and mom I went to Michaels in September to get a Fall wreath for my door and there was literally no more Fall décor to be found!  They had already switched over to Christmas.  I really didn't like that, lol.
So, for most of my entire adult life I have been holding the line between Thanksgiving and Christmas and keeping them decidedly apart.  But then....I started to get a bit....older.  Things like getting all the Christmas décor up and out in one afternoon started stretching out over two or three afternoons.  Let's not even talk about all the treks up the ladder into the attic where all the items are stored.  (I totally take advantage of my teenage son for this job.  But even with that, I don't get to avoid the attic 100%.)  I have issues with my back and the whole operation takes it's toll.  Then a couple of years ago injured my shoulder and it will still act up if and when I do any lifting or things like that.  Not to mention the fact that I really pour my heart and soul into our Thanksgiving dinner and so by the time Thanksgiving day has seen it's end....I'm exhausted and thinking about then having to jump right into Christmas decorating.  Oh my...
It sort of started to feel like a chore instead of something that had always been fun.  I literally started dreading Christmas because I was so tired from Thanksgiving that I just, quite honestly, didn't want to deal with yet another holiday so close on the heels of the last.  Also, I started to feel frustrated that with all the work of putting up Christmas decorations, we only got to enjoy them for about 3 1/2 to 4 weeks.  That just didn't seem right.  I felt like about the time I got everything up the way I wanted it, it was time to turn right around and take it all down!  No fair.  (smiles)
So, two years ago I decided to take a different approach.  A very different one for me who had always said, "No Christmas until Thanksgiving is over!"  I decided to start decorating for Christmas early - like...early early.  Last year I started at the end of October.  This year I will be starting this week.  My goal is to have Christmas up, ready, and waiting before Thanksgiving Day. 
This makes it so I can enjoy the month of December.  I can relax and have the energy to do things that I really want to do. 
Like this:
And this:
(These are Star Wars snowflakes we found online.  My son thought they were the coolest thing ever.  We had them all over the house last year, lol.)
And there is time for a whole lot of this:
We still have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I set a Thanksgiving table and my kitchen will also retain some of it's Fall pretties through Thanksgiving day.  But the other spots that I decorate get the Christmas treatment early.  It's what works for us.  It may not work for all ~ and that's ok.  But it makes December a lot easier for me and I'm really glad that I made these changes a couple of years ago. 


Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing this. Many people get caught up in what society says is the Way Things Must Be. I think it's so refreshing when someone is able to do what works best for her and for her family and not worry about the judgment of others (or even self-judgment!). I, too have always been staunch about Thanksgiving having it's own limelight. Christmas decor, for me, doesn't come out till the first week of Advent. But that's what works for me. In light of your health (mental and physical!!) needs, I say, have fun taking your time. Lots of love to you and your family this holiday season. xoxo

Lillibeth said...

I have tended to come to some of the same conclusions about going ahead and starting Christmas early. I posted about it here
The dark days make me feel like bright twinkly lights need to go up!