Friday, June 29, 2012

Keeping to the slower paths

I have a true preference for voluntarily living life at a slow pace. It seems that our world has gotten so fast paced in these current times.  It's as though being over scheduled has become some kind of a beacon of success.  I just can't believe that we were intended to live this way.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 says that to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.  But if we are rushing headlong into and through everything we put our hand to....then how can we truly enjoy any of it?

What about those times in our lives that we're not necessarily supposed to enjoy?  We all go through troubles and heartaches ~ it's a part of living in this world.  Perhaps there is a sick loved one we have to care for.  Or maybe there is a certain task at hand that we truly dread but must do anyway.  If we go into even these difficult times with a rushed and frenzied spirit instead of a calm much more difficult they will be!  

I believe we will be so much better served to enjoy the joys of life and handle the problems if we don't let our minds and spirits go to that hurried/rushed/scattered place.  Don't give into it.  It's only human to have that happen from time to time but we have the choice as to if we will allow it to rule us or not.  

I am so grateful that I was blessed to be raised in a home where there was almost no rushing about.  It was so very, very calm in my parent's home.  Because I know what that looks like and feels like ~ from being raised in that manner ~ I can now draw on that when I feel the world tugging at my apron strings wanting to fill me with stress and frenzy.  

The two things that I always like to keep on my blog ~ in the header and left sidebar ~ are things that I truly believe and hold to.  

"You know that formalities are good things sometimes.  They are like fences to keep intruders out and hedges to keep in the sacred and beautiful things of life."  
Grace Livingston Hill

~ and ~

"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset."
Francis de Sales

Thoughts like these can help keep the frenzied things of life at bay.  

I will fully admit that this is one of the reasons I love being a stay at home wife and mom.  I love being able to serve my husband, raise our children and keep our home at a slow and calm pace that defies what the world at large seems to think correct.  I don't need to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get here and there, stressing my whole family out in the process.  I don't want to lose my inner calm only to be so stressed that my poor family gets the brunt of it.  I've seen what that looks like and it's not something I want around me.  It reminds me of the saying I'm sure you have all heard by now, "I've seen the village and I don't want it raising my child."  

I think so many have discounted the culture of the home.  I'm not even saying they have taken it from a high pedestal and placed it at a lower rung.  I'm saying that they don't even consider at all.  It's like trying to build a building without any foundation.  We all know how that ends.

Children need a calm and loving home to grow up in.  Husbands need a quiet and inviting home and family to come home to.  As for wives and mothers?  We need the very same things perhaps most of all.  We can give of ourselves so much more effectively if we are centered and determined to retain our peace of mind regardless of what type of twitterpated situation we may find ourselves in.  (Yes, twitterpated lol.  That word gets used quite a bit in this part of the South.)

So what can we do to hold tightly to a slower paced and more calm frame of reference to view the world from?  Here are a few of my thoughts. ~~

1. The first, most important and obviously most important thing is to always have a prayer on our lips and the Word hidden in our heart.  Our God is a God of order and not chaos.  He wants to help us live life from a steady and peaceful place.

2. I have a close friend who has seen more than her share of sorrows.  When she is feeling down and having a hard time dealing with what the world has had to offer, she thinks on the lyrics to the song "Farther Along."

  1. Tempted and tried, we’re oft made to wonder
    Why it should be thus all the day long;
    While there are others living about us,
    Never molested, though in the wrong.
    • Refrain:
      Farther along we’ll know more about it,
      Farther along we’ll understand why;
      Cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine,
      We’ll understand it all by and by.
  2. Sometimes I wonder why I must suffer,
    Go in the rain, the cold, and the snow,
    When there are many living in comfort,
    Giving no heed to all I can do.
  3. Tempted and tried, how often we question
    Why we must suffer year after year,
    Being accused by those of our loved ones,
    E’en though we’ve walked in God’s holy fear.
  4. Often when death has taken our loved ones,
    Leaving our home so lone and so drear,
    Then do we wonder why others prosper,
    Living so wicked year after year.
  5. “Faithful till death,” saith our loving Master;
    Short is our time to labor and wait;
    Then will our toiling seem to be nothing,
    When we shall pass the heavenly gate.
  6. Soon we will see our dear, loving Savior,
    Hear the last trumpet sound through the sky;
    Then we will meet those gone on before us,
    Then we shall know and understand why.
 3. Something I have learned is that sometimes we have to take time in our day to do something that we enjoy.  If we're not careful we can fall into a pattern of all work and no play.  So making sure that you take some time to work on a hobby, read a good book, relaxing in some way that refreshes us is so very important.  

4. Have a plan of action for your day (and your children as well, especially if they are young.)  I don't mean a rigid schedule that has to be adhered to at all costs.  But a loose schedule that you can follow but rearrange as well according to things that come up during the day.  When I was younger, I truly did not like the idea of schedules at all.  I don't know why I felt that way but I spent a good amount of my 20s in fly by the seat of the pants mode ~ and I truly didn't do myself any favors for having that approach to things.  Luckily I learned better, drew on my raising (slow, steady, nice and scheduled pace) and settled down.  So yes, I do believe that having a well thought out plan for your day ~ while being able to adjust it as needed for "bumps" in the road ~ is a good thing.

What are some things you do to keep a calm peace of mind and pace for your day when the world seems all a frenzy around you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. ~~

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A quick little note to touch base with you

 Hello out there!  I have received a few concerned messages from some sweet readers asking if I am ok because I have not written for so long.  Thank you so much for your concern.  I am fine and all is well.  I've just been busy with life.  If you look back over the years on this blog, you'll see that from time to time to do tend to "disappear" for a while here and there.  Sometimes I feel like blogging and sharing and love to put my thoughts to the written word.  Other times, I just honestly don't feel like I have anything of note to share with anyone, lol.  But I always return.  I've invested a lot of myself and time in this blog and I will not leave it "for good."  Even if you see me disappear for a while, rest assured that I will be back.  I have too much of myself poured into this little space to leave and not look back.  I just need a wee break now and again, no harm done.  :0)
In other news, I'm expecting company any minute now!  Some dear friends are traveling to see us and will be spending the next week with us.  I'm so excited!  It's another married couple ~ she sews and she is planning on making me several simple day dresses while she is here.  We will be going fabric shopping tonight.  Like I said, very excited!  
I will close for much to do!  Love to you all!  :0)