Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is slipping in quietly and I am being mindful to keep my own days quiet as well.  It's a lovely time of year with foggy mornings and a chill in the air that lets me know it's time to make use of the soup pot.  We are planning on having some much needed renovations done in our home in the coming weeks.  It will be so nice to have it done ~ our little cottage shows it's age.  (smile)  It feels good to be able to mark off one of the "major" fixes.  It's a blessing.
But then, our days are full of blessings aren't they?  Blessings don't always come wrapped in the package of the "big" things in life.  They come with each breath we and our loved ones take.  Blessings are a full meal put on the table for our children.  They are warmth in the Winter and the smell of the grass in the Springtime.  They are being able to still put one foot in front of the other during times of trials when we would rather give up.  

Our blessings wrap themselves around us every day, all the time.  
Let us not forget them and remember to be ever thankful for them ~~ especially those small enough to be over looked. ~~

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