Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Household update & current reads

Life is calm and quiet at the moment, so very nice.  I have been stitching and reading more and have been online, on the phone, and out and about less.  Yes, very nice indeed.

Remember when I told you about us taking in three little stray kittens?  Well, they are all hale and hearty and have completely wrapped themselves around our hearts.  Especially the little boy.  His personality is so cute it's almost ridiculous, lol.  You know that streak of independence that cats are known for?  Yes, well, apparently no one has ever informed this little guy about that trait.  Most especially when he is sleepy.  We'll all be going about our day and all of a sudden hear the most plaintive and pitiful meows.  That's when someone always says, "Uh oh, is he sleepy again?" or "Oh dear, did he just wake up?"  Because either one of those states seems intolerable to the little guy without being held and consoled and convinced that it's a perfectly fine state to be in.  We'll hear the cry and look around and sure enough ~ there he will be with eyes only half way open either about to fall over asleep or having just woke up from a nap.  He will cry until one of us scoops him up and talks softly to him about how difficult it must be to be a kitten, lol.  And then he will be fine....until he gets sleepy again, lol.   It's really quite amusing.

School has started back at our house.  I thought I would share with you what I am reading.
My daughter and I are both reading The Diary of Anne Frank.   Before I give it to my son to go through with him, I am reading The Perilous Journey of The Donner Party.  Just for my own enjoyment I am reading Road to Avonlea: Quarantine at Alexander Abrahams.  I loved these paragraphs from it ~ about a young lady fixing her Sunday hat with new ribbon and the work that it entailed.

"On Saturday, Felicity had devoted most of her day to retrimming her best Sunday hat.  From the peddler who appeared in Avonlea from time to time, she had bought a splendid piece of broad velvet ribbon.  All her precious egg-money had gone on that ribbon, which was of the deepest midnight blue."
"With her mother's help, she removed the slightly faded turquoise cotton band from the crown of the hat and replaced it with the velvet.  Then, using the daintiest of stitching, she sewed two narrower, pale-blue ribbons onto the velvet, outlining it, top and bottom.  These ribbons were longer.  They tied into a bow at the back and fell in a graceful slope onto Felicity's hair."
"After she had finished pushing her reluctant needle through the tough straw, Felicity's poor fingers were bruised and punctured.  Eye strain had caused a tiny network of red veins to appear in her left eye and her back ached from bending over her work.  Yet she felt buoyed up by the knowledge that she had accomplished what she set out to do.  In place of her worn and faded old hat, she now had one that looked gloriously new.  when she thought of the effect it would have in church the next day, all her fatigue dissipated and she positively glowed."

Isn't that sweet?  I love finding passages like this that show the feminine arts in a positive light and as something to be aspired to. 

Hold fast to that which is the good part ladies!  :-)


Amy Jo said...

Your kitten sounds so adorable! Why do we always love the needy most? The passage from the book was so sweet.

Amy Jo

Carol said...

Great passage! And the little fellow...sounds like what goes on at our house. Every day. Delightful, in spite of the absurdity!