Monday, October 31, 2011

Casual Dress, Casual Life ~ an article shared

This article gives some very good food for thought.  A reminder for us all ~ sometimes little reminders like this are just what we need to give us the oomph to keep on keeping on in areas of life that can so easily slip.

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Casual Dress, Casual Life

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have hurt myself.   I bent over this morning to retrieve something and then coughed at the same time.  I think either one of those things, by themselves, would have been fine.  But the combination of the two together did not work out so well for me.  I think I pulled all the muscles going across the small of my back.  I knew instantly what had happened and uttered, "Oh no!"  I'm ok if I sit.  But standing and walking are all but impossible at the moment.

So, I have been holding court at my kitchen table all afternoon.  I have computer, stitching catalogs, and recipes within arm's reach to keep me occupied.  I've been sending various loved ones to fetch this and deliver that and by doing so have managed to put together a homemade pizza crust that is now rising.  So supper is taken care of. 

I hope I can go to church tomorrow but I'm wondering if that isn't a bit too ambitious a thought.  Usually when these particular muscles take a leave of absence (yes, this has happened before) it is a solid week before I can stand up straight and walk normally again.  We shall see.

But for now, I'm going to attend to our homemade pizza from my kitchen table throne.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The blessing of tending to your home

There is something about this time of year that turns many a homemaker's concentration in towards her own four walls.  The gardens are put to bed and the temperatures are turning cooler and in areas like mine, things outside are rather damp.  It's time to burn candles and bake treats and plan Thanksgiving dinner.  (Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving?)  I love making things cozy during this time.  I'm still on my media hiatus and am so much calmer for it.  Life is busy enough with family, friends, church, and other commitments without adding whatever Yahoo or Google or ABC has to say about it.

 I love cooking for my family and others.  I've been going through my recipes today picking out the special ones I usually reserve for these colder months.  I will also have an extra teen in my house this weekend.  She is a friend of both of my kids and she needs a little extra TLC right now so I'm looking forward to her spending the weekend with us.   Anytime there are teenagers involved, there must also be food involved!  So far I have planned cinnamon rolls and pancakes for breakfasts, spaghetti with sauce & meatballs as well as baked chicken for suppers and cake mix cookies and brownies for snacks.  Still some holes to fill in there to make it through the weekend, but I'll have it all planned out before she gets here. 
What are you cooking this Fall?