Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*Why* are we doing this to ourselves?

I am a bit upset about something. I really enjoy picking up copies of Southern Lady magazine, Tea Time magazine, and Victoria magazine during the month, usually when doing the grocery shopping. These magazines are beautiful and wholesome. They give me ideas for decorating, new recipes to try, show me products for the home I would not otherwise know about and it is very relaxing to just sit with some tea and peruse their pages for a while.

I recently went into our local Wal-Mart to pick up my treasured periodicals. Usually, they are on a shelf surrounded by other magazines about cozy cottages, romantically styled homes and Victorian gardens. But this time, instead of all of these lovelies, my eyes were accosted by Cosmopolitan and others of it's ilk. Row after row of gaudy covers with scantily clad women and headlines blaring about things that a few generations ago would not have even been whispered about in closed company. At first I was hoping they had simply moved my choices to another spot. But no. They are gone. Completely.

Why have we become a people that would rather have...or even worse expect to see/have/purchase/partake of the baser things this world has to offer instead of things that are more refined and dignified? Now I realize that many would laugh at me for taking on the world's ills over the magazine selection at my local Wal-Mart, but is it not a result of the public's feelings, expectations, and preferences? Yes - it is, and quite frankly, the public at large is making some very grave errors for which we and the future generations will pay for dearly.

When your average woman (it is the women these magazines are geared towards after all) who is a wife or mother or teacher or whatever - would rather pick up a magazine with a sensuous woman on the front and one that is filled with articles talking about spending $200 on one dress and what a good deal that is and how to make their intimate relations more wild....well, when did we become that??? Because we can look back in history - not too far mind you - and see that we absolutely, positively were not that. How did we become this and why are we continuing to let it happen? Who looked at us and said that this was ok and please continue in this vein?

As women shouldn't we be concerned about being a dignified example for the next generation to follow? Are the women who feel the way that I do really that sorely out numbered? Because if we are, then may God help us. We are surely going to need it.


Shelley said...

My reactions exactly when I last visited the magazine rack of Walmart....The Country Sampler was gone too..another favorite of mine..the state of the world grieves me when I let my mind contemplate its condition....some where something went terribly wrong with our society...I could name several but,guess I will save that for another time...I am very much in agreement with your thoughts...thanks for sharing...blessings

Mrs. V. said...

You are right Shelley. Something did go terribly wrong. The very sad thing is that I feel we - as a whole, not individually - have gone over the brink and past the point of no return. It really would take major change of everyone as a whole to pull things back to where they rightfully should be. And that is most likely not going to happen. So I suppose all we can do is pay attention to our own little piece of the world and do everything we can within that small sphere to live in a Godly and dignified manner.

Anonymous said...

When I go to the magazine stands I am embarrassed. We used to hide covers like that behind a counter so children could not see theses images. Now they are at eye level at the check out stands and all over. Cover after cover of half clothed people and the stories they say are in the magazine are not good either! How sad that now this is common place. Yes it is good to get our magazines in the post and not have to search the stands for them and be confronted by such depravity.I have been known to take a wholesome magazine and cover an unwholesome picture on another one now and again! Sarah

Mrs. V. said...

Sarah, I have been known to cover some up as well ~ espcially if my son is around. I was so disappointed recently because I got a copy of Mother Earth magazine - a farming and homesteading periodical - and near the back was a large ad for s*x toys! I was truly dumbfounded. Needless to say, I don't want to purchase Mother Earth anymore. :-(

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I will definitely be visiting again - it's lovely! To comment on this topic, yes I agree that this kind of ugliness is creeping in everywhere, but we mustn't allow ourselves to be depressed by it. There is still much beauty in the world, like your blog, so let's focus on that.People like yourself are doing a great service to redress the balance. I actually am hopeful that the global recession will help to make a difference and that people will start to return to some of the traditional values, which after all, have been around for a lot longer than the 'modern' ones. There will now be a generation of children raised in tough, financial times and they won't be as materially spoilt as the children of the last few decades so maybe this will make a difference. All in God's hands anyway, so fret not!

Mrs. V. said...

You are right ~ there are still many lovely things left and we should definitely spend our time thinking in them instead of harsher things. I think you may be right about the current financial situation perhaps being a catalyst to bring back some old virtues. I have had that thought myself. I certainly hope it does play out that way!