Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decorative lattice tops for pies

I found this link tonight and thought I would share. It has some lovely ideas for lattice pie tops. I can't wait to try it ~ I especially love the spiral twist.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How disappointing...

I just read an article where Tasha Tudor's children were interviewed. It seems that now that she has passed on, there is quite a dispute over her will. That's disappointing enough, but what really struck me was that she has several children, not just the ones that are better known because of the website. And every single one of them were left very disillusioned by their mother. Apparently, behind closed doors they had a very difficult and sad childhood and a good number of them once they reached adulthood wanted nothing to do with their mother. Some others tried to have an adult relationship with her to no avail. Even the ones who did stay close to her and helped her run the business said that they were very unhappy children growing up and having a relationship with her as an adult was a big challenge.
How sad. I guess we never really know the truth about public figures in the way we sometimes feel we do.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Reading

I love reading Christmas themed novels during the Christmas season. Today I did some shopping in a bookstore and this is one of the selections I came home with. I must admit I am drawn to books with pretty or quaint covers and as soon as I saw this one, I wanted to know more about it.
It is written by Lauren Willig. The main character is one named Arabella Dempsey and she just happens to be friends with Jane Austen! Need I say more, lol? I am looking forward to cozying up with a warm blanket and this book tonight.
I must say, going into a book store seems to be a dangerous thing for me. I go in with the intention of purchasing one thing...but I never seem to come out with just one thing! I was able to find some books for my kids. I'm so glad that both of them love to read. My daughter especially. She can devour a 500 page book at amazing speed! (A talent she got from her father ~ I'm the slow and easy one, lol.)
Well, that is all I have to share for tonight. I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying this Christmas season with those you love. May God bless you as you tend to the quiet pleasures of your home!~~*~~*~~*~~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Christmas Kitchen

Welcome to my little Christmas cottage kitchen. :-) Come right in ~ there is hot chocolate all ready for you. ~~

I just love my Christmas curtains over my sink. They were made for me by a dear friend. She loves to sew and I am often the lucky recipient of the items she makes.

Here you can see she made me a table runner to match the curtain.

This is my hoosier cabinet all decked out for Christmas. On the platter in the middle are two bags containing the Christmas cookies my kids made and decorated. ~ Please excuse my husband's ball cap atop the hoosier, lol! I didn't realize it until I uploaded these pictures. Oh well, real life is lived here! Perfection is not the name of the game.

I just love this little centerpiece I made. I've had the star for a couple of years. I decided to use it as a candy dish during the Christmas season and then I found the snowman figurine. Too cute! And it just happened to match...

These precious dishes I found ~~~ at the dollar store! I had to snatch them up.

The table is not completely set here, but I wanted to snap this picture to show the plates with the snowmen in the middle. Too cute!

So, as you can see...
We have been quite busy...

Christmas cookies must be made you know...

Creativity at work ~ my kids never get too old to enjoy this.

I love this picture. My daughter took it. She managed to make cupcakes look cozy!

Corner countertop area. We had to cover up the Tupperware baskets-for-paper-plates holder, lol.

So that's my little Christmas kitchen ~ I hope you enjoyed your visit. ~~ May God bless you as you attend to the quite pleasures of your household!
~ And ~
Merry Christmas!!!