Friday, October 15, 2010


I found a post today on respecting our husbands that I would like to share.
Very wise words indeed.
Enjoy ~**~**~**~~

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello my friends!!

Well ~ I said we were going to take a Fall break and we did. And I enjoyed it so much! Usually when we take a break we have a tendency to tackle a project or take a short trip. While this is fun (and sometimes needed) it can leave me more tired than when I started the "break!" But this time, we didn't do anything. We really did just stop and slow down and rest. And it was wonderful. We have watched movies, slept in, played on the Wii, read books, and for the most part stayed home. I don't think I realized just how tired and worn down I was until I started resting deeply. It was nice. I may just have to make this a yearly thing. A time to stop and rest between the seasons.
For my pen pals ~ I am at my desk writing letters to you right now. (Literally. My hand is hurting from writing so I'm taking a break to post on my blog. :-) I will mail them tomorrow.)
I have a busy time coming up. Our church is having a ladies day and I'm in charge of decorating the registration table (in Fall decor) and the morning refreshments. I will be serving a variety of muffins, coffee, juice, cider (my special recipe), and bottled water. We will have the refreshment table decorated as well. After all the classes, we will be serving lunch to all the attendees and have some small gifts for them. I *love* being able to do things like this and participate in the ladies activities. I'm so glad that my church is active and there is always something appropriate for the ladies to participate in if they so choose. I really enjoy it.
The weather here has turned cooler rather suddenly. But that is normal for our area. The change between Summer and Fall is generally fast and abrupt. Fall usually only lasts about two or three weeks and then we are straight to Winter. I remember one year we went to bed with the temperature in the 70's only to wake up to it below freezing! Oh my, everyone does get sick during these weeks due to the sudden weather changes we have. But it is simply a part of life in this area and no one really gives it much thought. Everyone just seems to expect that there will be about 2 or 3 weeks of coughing, sneezing, and sniffling and then we will all once again be acclimated to the weather here on the Highland Rim. :-)
In other news, we are expanding our rabbitry. I am going to purchase a buck and two does for the purpose of breeding and we will be selling the offspring. These are actually large meat rabbits, not pets. Though if someone wanted to purchase a rabbit for a pet that would be fine. I know some people cannot abide by thinking of using rabbits for the purpose of meat, but in our area it is quite normal and there is a good market for them here. It is a good way for our little rural-town homestead to make it's next step forward.
Well, I must go for now and finish my letters. May God bless you all as you tend to the quiet pleasures of your household! ~~**~~**~~