Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday, March 12

I sit here, late evening, with a calm and serene cat lying across my lap and sharing my space. She decided long ago that I was "her" person. She likes the calm and quiet way I talk to her and the fact that I tend to move slowly around her, so as to not alarm her. She can be a bit of a nervous nelly, lol.

Today has been a good day. A productive day. I helped my son go through his room and do a very thorough cleaning up and throwing out. We got rid of any clothing that was too small and any toys he no longer wanted to keep. Everything got dusted and sorted and put into place. I got laundry done and kept the rest of the house picked up. My only hiccup of the day was when I started the process of shampooing my carpets (which I like to do every 4 months or so) and my carpet cleaner had no suction. My husband and I looked the machine over and determined we would need a new dirty water reservoir...and of course that is the most expensive part on the whole thing. So, for now the carpets will not be shampooed. Oh well, I'll just put my mind to other things (I *really* wanted my carpets cleaned today!) I will just keep everything very well vacuumed until we get a new tank.

Tomorrow morning I am attending a youth group event with my son and then in the afternoon I am taking my daughter shopping for some things she needs for a photograph she is to take. She has entered a photography competition in conjunction with the convention we are attending in April and she has to get her picture done. After that I'm going to take her dress shopping for a new dress to wear to one of the awards ceremonies we will attend at the convention.

All in all, it will be a very busy weekend. But I like it like that. Keeping busy with such things brings me joy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 10

Just a quick post tonight as the bed is calling to me. I had hoped to have a picture or two to share of my classroom decorations I made for the 3rd and 4th grade class I teach on Wednesday night. But alas, my camera seems to be hiding from me right now. But I'll have some pictures to share soon.

Tonight was my first class of this quarter and I am so happy with how it went. I got into my room well ahead of time and the girls actually all came very early as well. Tonight was our monthly meal for our youth, so after they were finished eating they headed to class to see who their teacher would be for this quarter. I was so pleased that when they came in I got a chorus of, "It's you!" and, "Are you going to be our teacher? Yay!" They all knew me because I had been their Wednesday night teacher's aid two quarters ago.

I had the lesson all prepared and I had time to get to everything that I had planned. I feel like I was able to get all the points across to them and that they understood what they were. It was a very productive class period. I'm so glad to be teaching these girls.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday March 4, 2010

Today's Details:

<> My husband decided to work from home today, so that was a treat. We got to sleep a little later than normal.

<> By 9:00 this morning, I was in the resource room at my church to work with some of the other ladies who also teach some of the children's classes. One of them is my "sister teacher" ~ we share the same class just at different times. We have the 3rd and 4th grade girls. She teaches on Sunday morning, I teach on Wednesday nights. She is a *wonderful* teacher but does not enjoy so much decorating the room. I, however, *love* to decorate a classroom. She has pretty much given me free reign of all the walls and doors which is nice. I started work on my main wall today. I will finish it up (hopefully) on Saturday morning. It is going to look so cute. I will share a picture once it's done. It was such a nice way to start my day. We all had a very productive time.

<> My husband decided to order us pizza and pasta to be delivered for supper tonight. I'm so grateful ~ I'm tired and dealing with some pain. It was really good. I just may, however, turn into a cheese covered carbohydrate.

<> I received the table runner that I ordered to stitch for my group swap. It's very pretty with bunches of lavender on each end. It looks like I should be able to stitch it up quickly ~ I hope so. Mail out date is April 10 and I have soooo much to do between now and April. We are attending a convention and will be leaving April 1. I would love to have my swap piece mailed before we leave for convention.


<> I very cautiously say that Winter may be easing it's choke hold on us. It was still cold and windy here today, we still have the heaters running. But it was sunny and it was not so cold as to be painful.

<> This morning was such an encouragement. It is so nice to be a part of a church where the people truly care for one another and there is not petty behaviour to contend with. I know I'm a bit prejudiced and perhaps I gush easily, but I love my church family so much.

A Picture To Share:
We celebrated my son's 12th birthday over the weekend. He wanted a chocolate cake with white icing and he wanted to ice it and decorate it himself. I think he did a fine job. I put a "Happy Birthday" covering over the table and then sprinkled the table with Hershey kisses. He was happy and we had a great time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday March 2, 2010

Today's Details:

<> Today was a nice, slow day for the most part. It started out peacefully with some reading after my husband left for work and then schooling with the kids later on.

<> My daughter and I had fun tonight. We went to a "jewelry party." It was such a nice diversion. We both got some pretty things.

<> We have been dealing with some illness at our house. Both of the short term and long term variety. It has slowed some things down.

<> We got more snow this morning. The weathermen are saying this is been the worst Winter in our state in 30 years. I am so ready for Spring. When even little kids are going, "Oh no, not more snow again," you know it has been a rough Winter.

Personal Goals:

<> I am growing my hair out longer. I have almost always kept it about shoulder length. But my husband has requested that I now grow it out longer. This man has never had an opinion about my hair in over 16 years. It tickles me pink that now he has made a request about it, so I am pleased to go along with it. I have experimented with some products and have found a good combination that allows me to wear my hair down when I want without it becoming stringy, which is a problem I've always had when my hair gets long. It takes me a bit longer to fix in the mornings than what I am used to, but I figure if I'm going to have really long hair it's just common sense that more time working with it will come with the territory.

<> I have decided to do the 90-day Bible reading plan. After I am done, there will be plenty of time to go back over things for more in depth study. But for right now, I want to follow this plan and read it all through in the 90 days. It's about 14 chapters a day. Which really, isn't that much if you compare it to how much of a novel you would probably read in one sitting.

A Picture from my Day:

This is the jewelry I purchased tonight at the party. I've needed a watch for a while now as the one I had before died and I never seemed to get around to getting a new battery for it. I was pleased to find this bangle one. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's quite pretty in person.

The necklace on the left my daughter and I plan on sharing between us. You can't tell in the picture but it has pastels of lavender, pink, green, and blue. Very pretty.

The set on the right will match with so many things.

The jewelry party was such fun. It's so nice to be a girl, lol.