Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

I haven't done a daybook post in so I thought I would do one today. It looks like the daybook posts may be moving to Tuesdays? I'm not sure, it still seems like many ladies are still posting on Mondays so I'll just go ahead and post this one now.

Outside my window ~ It is a cold day, we have more snow to be expected tonight. We just thawed out for the first time in what feels like forever. I would love for Spring to make it's appearance!

I am thinking ~ That I need to get back on my rotation system which includes housework and hobbies. It helps me to get a bit of each done every day.

I am thankful for ~ My church family.

I am wearing ~ The clothes I just finished doing my walk in ~ Cotton pants in a floral print, green tee-shirt to match and tennis shoes. I need to shower and change into something else for the evening.

I am currently reading ~ The Swan Thieves by Elisabeth Kostova and thoroughly enjoying it.

From the kitchen ~ I shared my menu for the next few days in the previous post. :-)

Around the house ~ Laundry needs my attention and it will soon be time to get supper ready.

Praying for ~ Health, home, and friends.

Words I am pondering ~ We have been studying Malachi on Sunday mornings, so those studies have been on my mind.

A picture thought - Roses from my husband ~~

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The start to a quiet week

I just wanted to post something quick today and give a little update on our weekly goings - on. We had **such** a busy weekend! I must say that today is being taken at a slow pace in order to recover. Saturday evening my church hosted a banquet and both of my children worked as servers. I was so proud of them! They enjoyed it and were both dressed up nicely. I think it's so good for them to have activities like this to participate in. After the banquet my daughter went home with a friend for the night. Then on Sunday, after our morning service, my son brought a friend home with him for the afternoon. Finally it all rounded out with our evening service and believe me when I say that we were very tired!
Before bed last night I did manage to do a bit of menu prep work for this week's menu, which I am so glad I did. I prepared a crock pot full of beans and ham that we will use for lunches during the week. I also got a meatloaf mix made up, which I will make tonight with some mashed potatoes and vegetables. Tomorrow we will be having chicken and dressing and the following evening it will be loaded baked potatoes. That is as far as I have gotten with this week's menu. But truth be told, by Thursday I may need to have a night of leftovers planned from the meals made today through Wednesday.
I have no big or important plans for the week. Simply schooling and housework along with a few areas that need some attention as far as reorganizing. Hopefully the evenings I can fill with reading and counted cross stitch. The past several weeks have been so filled with illness and snowstorms and such that I am relishing a quiet week!
I hope everyone will have a wonderful week ~ blessings to you as you attend to the quiet pleasures of your home! ~~~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cross stitching progress pictures

I just wanted to share a picture of one of my current cross stitching projects. It is called "Swan Love" and it is two swans facing each other. The one on on the left (which is the one I am working on now) is comprised of different sea creatures. The one on the right is comprised of geometric designs.

I actually have more done than the picture shows. I need to take another picture ~ I will do that soon.

So far I have done:

* the beak, which has two fall colored leaves on it

* the head, which contains two fish

* the top of the neck, which has a butterfly

* and the bottom part of the neck which leads into the body, which is a mermaid. The next section past the mermaid will be a spattering of frogs and a little tadpole!

I also have a pattern for a HAED that I hope to start soon. But I still need to purchase all the skeins of thread (100 of them!) and the material for that one. I'll share more about that once I actually get started on it.

I am in a Spring cross stitching swap and I have been looking through Herrschners catalog for something bright and cheerful, that would fit in with a Spring/Easter theme. (And something small enough I can get stitched by mid-April, along with everything else I have to do!) I'm leaning towards these and these. I think that the coasters along with the bookmarks and a few stitching notions would make a nice swap presentation.