Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Letting God handle the new year's resolutions

At this time of year our thoughts naturally turn towards the making of new year's resolutions. It is tradition and a part of our culture. But this year, I'm taking myself out of the equation. I am going to let God handle this new year. Now, don't get me wrong. We have lots of plans for this year. Lots of things that we hope work out and work out in our favor. We have plans for our home, our family, our business, and our finances. But we all know what is said about the best laid plans, don't we?

I know that I am not the eldest or sagest of people, but I have lived on this earth long enough to know ~ to fully understand and incorporate into my being ~ that I am not in charge! If the Lord chooses to bless our plans for this year, wonderful and thank you Lord! But He may not. He may have a different plan or something in store so different that we cannot even fathom it. We also have some things we truly need to do this year and are honestly not sure how in the world we can make them happen. I'm excited and interested to see if the Lord will bless those things and make them come to be for us. I'm equally excited and interested to see if He does not allow them to happen how He will allow us to work around these things.

There is so much in store for all of us in the new year! And we are not in charge of any of it. The Lord has His hand in all of it. So if I am to make any resolution at all, it is simply to give this year over to the Lord and see what He will make of it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

An eventful day

The weather here has been gray and dark and dreary. I find that on days like this I have a hard time waking up to full attention. It feels like I fight a constant fog on days like this. I have often wondered if I suffer from S.A.D. syndrome because when Spring arrives and we have days full of sun, I am full of energy and vigor.

So this morning getting myself and everyone out of the house and to church took a bit more effort than normal. My plans were to stay in the sanctuary of the church and attend the Bible class there instead of going all the way across the building and up the stairs to the ladies class. Simply because I did not feel like traveling that far and had every intention of giving into my laziness, lol! But at the last minute an announcement was made that the ladies class would have a special guest speaker. That peaked my interest and I decided to get up off my fanny and take myself to my regular class. Oh my, I was so glad I did!!

Because we were having a special speaker, we were allowed to hold our class in what is called the "family room." This is a special room in our church fixed up to resemble a pretty, cozy, if large living room. It has two couches, two wing back chairs, a fireplace, several pretty pictures and flower arrangements, along with a small kitchenette. A few rows of regular chairs had been brought in to accommodate all the ladies in attendance. As I was waiting for everyone else to arrive and for our class to begin I was chatting with a sweet sister. Then I looked over and who should I see but my high school drama teacher! I quickly went over and we gave each other a big hug and it was so nice to see her! I have many fond memories of her as I think I spent more time on her stage than I did behind a desk in high school. As it turns out, she was our guest speaker ~ how exciting!

I thoroughly enjoyed her talk and came away with some new things that I want to study in the coming year. She has written a book on Philippians and this is to be our ladies class text for the coming months and she came to teach the very first lesson.

It was such an enjoyable class. I had to give myself an internal thump on the head as I was so sluggish getting myself out and about this morning, then I had determined to just sit in the sanctuary class instead of going to my regular ladies class ~ and I would have missed out greatly if I had!!

Lesson learned ~ don't let the grumpies take a hold of my day and steer which direction I go!