Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little here, a little there...

...and it all adds up in the end. That seems to have become my motto for all the tasks of any given day. Let's face it ladies, when we wake up in the morning we never really know what that day will hold or where it will take us. Most wives, mothers, grown daughters, whatever the title(s) you wear ~ we all know our days can throw us curve balls and that can make finishing the day's tasks difficult.

If we spend time doing housework, we feel badly because we have not yet partaken of Bible study.

If we are working on a favored hobby, we feel badly because there is housework to do.

While cooking dinner, our mind is on the library books we have not yet started.

It seems that if we allow it to, our female mind can take any given task we *are* doing and make us feel guilty for three more that we *are not* doing. What a mental mess.

First of all, I do think having a plan of action for our days is a good thing - as long as we realize that it is subject to change without notice! It's not worth getting upset over if something simply cannot be taken care of that is on our list.

Another thing that I am doing in an effort to "fit" everything into my day - Bible study, housework, reading, needlework - is to chop some of my hours up into quarters. When I am not cooking or teaching, I take my other hours and spend them in this manner:

* 15 minutes of housework

* 15 minutes of Bible study

* 15 minutes of housework

* 15 minuets of needlework

The next hour will rotate like this:

* 15 minutes of housework

*15 minutes of reading

* 15 minutes of housework

* 15 minutes of Bible study

And so on and so forth.

This way, I get to spend time my loves ~ Bible study, reading, and needlework every day without feeling bad that housework did not get done. Yes, I do have to keep an eye to the clock but that has not caused me any trouble at all. I love it that I can easily fit all of these things into my day! I just have to remember to hold this system loosely as it obviously cannot be used or has to be stopped at times when I am homeschooling or cooking. But on most days I can fit this system into anywhere from 2-4 of my hours. I really love it because not only does it fit in all the things I love doing, it still allows me 50% of that time to devote to keeping the house tidy so I really do feel like I have covered my bases.

What are your systems of "fitting it all in?" I'd love to hear how others do it.**~**~**~**~**~**