Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I believe there is a decided lack of maturity in out culture. Where once a certain level of maturity was a thing to be admired and cultivated, it is now something that so many look at with scorn. Has anyone else noticed that a teenager who exhibits a proper level of maturity will more often than not be met with insults and degradation by most of their peers? This is so sad.

I am not necessarily speaking of age either. I have met very young men and women who were remarkably mature. By the same token, I have met older men and women who were so immature they really should have been ashamed of themselves, but were not.

So many details of our lives would run so much smoother if people would take seriously the matter of maturity. If they would strive to behave themselves in a civilized, mature manner. The reason this seems so far out of the grasp of most adults is truly beyond me.

Your level of maturity is evident in so many of our every day tasks. Let me give you some examples.

1. Being on time. When you have somewhere to go or someone to meet, are you perhaps 15 minutes early or are you the woman rushing through the door 15 minutes late in such a harried state that no one would dare take you seriously?

2. Speed limits. This one goes hand in hand with number one. When you have somewhere to be, do you plan your time such that you have plenty of driving time? Do you obey the speed limits? Or do you see them as mere guidelines? They are not guidelines. They are the law of the land. They should be treated as such.

3. Tone of voice. Yes. One's tone of voice is a very good indicator as to their level of maturity. Do small annoyances get under your skin so much that your volume starts going up? This is something that everyone should try very hard to overcome. The person that can go through a stressful situation with a normal tone of voice intact is showing a good level of maturity.

4. Details. Are the details of your life attended to? Things like bills filed into folders, junk mail disposed of (as opposed to piling up), all the behind the scenes work that needs to be done for your family in order for their needs to be met? Or are these things that get pushed to the back of your mind. Please, make no mistake that small daily details are very important! They make up the whole of our experience and without them nothing is accomplished. It takes a mature person to consistently attend to all the details that need attention. It is not something that can be done one day and then not thought about again for weeks on end. As a matter of fact, it is not something that should be put to the wayside even for one day! Chaos can truly take over in a days time.

These are just some examples, but I'm sure you could think of more that would be applicable to your own life. Please, feel free to share them in the comments section. We can all use inspiring ideas from others who are like minded!

Remember ladies, we are building the foundation for our children and their children as well. If we are not mature enough to do a quality job of it, how sad for them! Children deserve mature parents. They deserve to be raised in a home where a mature mother and father are consistently taking care of the day's details. So much of who your children will be depends on your maturity level. Please, don't ever forget that.


Cherish the Home said...

I couldn't agree more! And I also see some areas I need to work on. (o:

Abounding Treasures said...

Mrs. V ~

Thanks for sharing these pointed thoughts!

I am trying to be a bit earlier for appointments because I read something similar on another blog regarding that.

More often than not, I'm pretty with it when it comes to details but I find now that my children are grown, sometimes I'm more lax than I was when they were young so I guess that's something that I have to be more aware of.


Domestically Inclined said...

Oh my did you ever hit home! It would be the laundry pile for me! It is a never ending job security everyday task. From collecting to washing and drying and folding and ironing, and putting away. Dilligence in this area is a must! Keeping the dryer buzzer on helps me remember to keep up on it all day, becaseu I get busy with other chores and forget to go back to it. I organized it awhile back but I think the laundry area needs another overhaul!

Anonymous said...

This post is timely as I am trying to teach my 19 year old the finer points of maturity. He wants so badly to be an adult and pull away, but there is still much to learn.
One of the things that I have been trying to get across is to be prompt to send thank you's or acknowledgements of other's situations (sending get well cards, sympathy,etc.) without me nagging.
Another sign of maturity is the ability to have money in your pocket and not HAVE to spend it as fast or faster than you make it!
I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Mrs. Stewart said...

This is very good advice. I'm guilty with tone of voice, it truly takes practice, and what I notice most is not when I'm out in public- but my tone of voice inside my own home with my own family. I'm finding more and more that the behaviors you exhibit behind closed doors are the ones you need to examine the most. Most ladies put their best foot forward out in public, when we should be doing the same at home.

MyThreeDaughters said...

I love how my Mum is very mature like that. For some reason I have let some things slide since we moved here. It is constantly on my mind lately though, so thank you for the great post. I did get some clothes organised this weekend, but need to finish off the last little bit.

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

I found your post from Cherish The Home's sidebar and have been very blessed by your writing today. Much of what you have spoken about frustrates me so, and are things I earnestly strive for.

This probably sounds silly, but I remember taking my brand new baby to the doctor just five days after she was born. We started getting ready two hours before we needed to leave and still wound up being fifteen minutes late. The office was so understanding, as most people would be I'm sure--I was a first time mother after all--but even still, I felt awful about being late. Sadly, many people my age feel nothing about being late for far less excusable reasons. It's far more than just a shame to my generation! :o(